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What is Happening in Egypt?

A few days after arriving in Egypt, we were able to take part in a very important event here,the first ever elections.The streets were full of over excited youth and families trying to enjoy the excitement.For us, all of this was overwhelming as the amount of people in the street was a very uncomfortable and sort of scary experience.

We went to the main Tahrir Square a month (around July)after begin here and I was so excited to see the famous Tahrir.Have to say,I was very
disappointing at the state it was in.(See

pics)Subhallah we went back
months later and found it had totally
changed (for the better),The new government had started a clean up of
the area, there was police present
which made you feel safe.They had

planted grass , trees and got rid of all
the small street shops.I was very

Ok.,that scene was around 5 months ago.I can't believe they are back at Tahrir Square with their tents.I live 5
minutes from the square so we have the main protest march through our street
and they walk all the way to Tahrir.We
hear noises and screaming every hour

or so.When I sleep at night we can hear the chanting all night long.They don't

I feel really frustrated as to why the people are so impatient.Egypt had so
much to fix and make right.Give the
government a chance!!
When I think of Syria and all the death
and pain from the revolution,its hard to understand why they are protesting.

Alhumdulillah, we are all safe for now
and life is normal.Allah tests whom he wills and places us in places
for a reason.

Asking Allah the Almighty for patience
and only good.To protect the people
here and in Syria from any more pain
and hardship.In this last week I have met some wonderful sisters for the sake
of Allah.There is always khair in every
thing we do.

Well, the world will wait in anticipation to see what will happen next,May the good prevail for all the Muslim countries AMEEN

Tents in Tahrir Square (July)

Tents in Tahrir Square (July)

small shops and more tents

small shops and more tents

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Adventure to the famous Pyramids


I was suppose to write one big blog last night but the net was so slow uploading the pics,I went to sleep.

Yes, the chairs in my room are cool.I put it there,well,I rearranged the house to my liking.The girls sit and study there.Subhunallah the night lights are awesome from the Nile.

O.k, the title says it all.Our adventure to the Pyramids was greeted with mixed feeling from the kids and myself.(Smelly and Cool)
The sizes of the three Pyramids which we saw(don't know the names) in Giza were huge.One can not image how they built those things.

It is located in the desert and I mean desert! We went early so wasn't that crowdy but so many tourists from all of the world kept pouring in.

As there is some much area to cover we hitched a ride with a horse and cart.Very funny!!!!!
Hamzah and Khadiajh rode horses.(Hamzah was really good but had a sore back for two days)

For those of you who wish to see an amazing part of history,Just beware of the smell from the horses and camels.

Also,wear sneakers for the stuff they leave behind!!!!

My kids were horrified ,specially the older ones at the conditions of some of the horses.Well, this is Egypt.Not very high standards.

So, Pyramids are a must to see.Just don't take notice of everything else like we did.....

Also, go to Dream Park.Not as awesome as Malaysia but still on the good list.

Try not to be jealous for us when you see the pics LOL

IMG_2279.jpgKids climbed up to be on their own but some kids still joined them!

Kids climbed up to be on their own but some kids still joined them!

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Egypt life

Descriptive words for life in Egypt: Crazy, hot, dusty,dirty,Islamic, historical, noisy, hard and testing.


I think all my descriptive words sums up Egypt really well.
One needs millions upon millions of patience to live here.(if that's even possible)
Alhumdulillah, we have survived 5 months here and I think we will be here for a while unless Allah relocates us to a better place. Ameen

I feel my kids are learning wonderful things and their Arabic and Quraan has been progressing very well.For this reason we need to be patient here.The school my kids are going to teaches English and Math plus Science in English as well.This means we are getting the best of both worlds in education.The problem is will we survive the lifestyle here.

Egypt living is hard, rough and extremely full.So, staying indoors is the best and safest option.

We stayed home Ramaddan Eid because it was so full but this Eid we went out to the Pyramids and dream park.Planning our trip paid of and listening to the advice of taxi drivers as well.

So, we are living in Dokki,near the Nile River.Our flat is on the fifteenth floor.Alhumdulillah for this house.Allah knew what we can bear.
With a comfortable home it is making our stay easier.

Missing the clean living ,air,food and most of all my family and friends in Australia.May Allah except all our sacrifices for His sake Ameen.

Attaching some pics.Enjoy.Will send more soon

Forgot to mention the metro system here.Sending a pic of the sign outside the ladies only carriage.
Be prepared to travel like a sardine in a sardine can. Funny thing is I think its cool.Kids think I'm crazy.


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Malaysia and Egypt

Sorry for taking so long to write.
I didn't really know how to put down in writing how I felt in Malaysia and how I am feeling know. All I can say is we are glad to be in Egypt.The sense of begin in a Muslim country is very humbling.One only dreams of living next to a Masjid and to hear the Athaan 5 times a day.For me hearing Arabic is soothing to my ears.

Subhunallah, Egypt is literally like living in a dessert.It is dusty and hot but at the same time it has the advantage of the history behind it.I think that is what makes it so appealing.

The city we are living in is called Nasr City.It is an old city with a touch of new.The hustle and bustle of cars in the streets is crazy.The noise of the beeping cars go way into the night but when you wake up for Fajr the Athaan is so loud you wonder how one can sleep through it.

The kids are happy and are eager to get settle down. Myself,I miss Syria and my home there.When you live in a place that is not yours,one needs to be patience.I find my kids are happy and don't complain if the food I cook reminds them of home and the house smells fresh.
Alhumdullilah for everything.

We didn't really do much in Malaysia,so for those waiting for news from me,I'm sorry. Subhunallah our hearts were not there and this was from Allah. Fatimah completed a Henna course with an Indian lady and got a certificate.We went out a few times.The older girls had mid year exams so we really couldn't do much.

All in all my views on Malaysia is not that good so I won't comment to much.Australian weather so far is the best.

Insha-Allah we will be moving soon and getting ourselves settled down.Make dau for us as we really need it.

Please keep in touch and until next time......

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Pics from Berjayah Towers

9 days and counting

Here are the pics I promised.Leaving to Egypt in 9 days.Kids really excited and so am I.Girls started their first mid year exams,finally!!

They will have fours days break and I know they are looking forward to it.So are we!!!

Making dua for all our children's futures and success.As a parent,I feel sorry for myself.The amount of stress we get regarding our children studies.May Allah reward us for this and give us the strength to keep on standing behind them Ameen.

Till next time....

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