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Nearly Home


Alhumdulillah we are nearly home.Our jounery so far has been very easy. Alhumdulillah.At present passing time in Singapore airport.Went on a tour to the city with a tour bus,was very nice.Had lunch and in an hour will be boarding our flight.
So, keep making dau for our safe return and will update very soon.
I miss Syria already.I think my bed.LOL

Till next time.......................

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Last Entry from Syria Hurray!!!!!

Every few hours the girls scream or giggle to themselves,realising that we are going back home very soon.Each morning I wake up thinking about what I have left to do.My body is paining so much as I've been working non stop.Well,I must say,it's pain I am happy to bear.Insha-Allah we will see the father of my children,my husband after nearly 8 months.It's been so long.Asking only for good in this reunion.Ameen.
Anyway, I tried to do some shopping but not much as leaving the house has been hard.Husband wants us to stay at home and leave only for emergencies.In my book,shopping is an emergency!!!!.
We have a small town near our house.So, got a few things for the kids.So glad I started months before.(See how organised I am).
Lots to still do and not much time.All my friends are leaving this week and we will follow too.Requesting for daus from all.
As for my family,please get the yummy food ready as 7 hungry and deprived people are coming home.
Just kidding!!! No I'm not.The kids keep on asking me what food I want to eat first.
Don't misunderstand my deprived statement.We have plenty of food but not the junk food,pies ,sausage rolls,palony, chocolates, and the list goes on.

Well, Asking Allah for a safe journey home Ameen and will be writing my next entry from Malaysia Insha-Allah.
Until next time...................

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Tension and hope


Alhumdullilah we are all safe and all those we know are safe too.Subhanullah, it's strange to be experiencing this.Technology is such a great thing to have,but at this point for us,over here,we are witnessing the harm of it.How much trouble can be stirred and how much fear has been placed in the hearts of the people.We ask Allah to keep us safe and all those around us.
Jamals family,one brother and sister are living in an area were things are not good.Alhumdulillah, they are fine but people they know have been hurt.So, for me this is very scary.We have booked our tickets and asking Allah for calm until the kids finish school.All our foreign friends are in the same boat.Leaning on each other for comfort.The women are panicking more than the men(as always).We need to pack the bags!!!!

Well, besides the bad news,we are having a quiet weekend as no going out.A bit bored,have to say.After you sleep all you can and clean what else can one do......The thing I want to do is go shopping and I can't so, those who are women can feel my frustration!!!!
To be honest I have many things to keep me busy but feeling lazy and no motivation.Girls made cheese cake and turned out o.k.
The amount of effort that went in to making that cheese cake,I don't think I want to do it again.
We have two bakers in our house,Fatimah and Alaa.They go head to head to use the kitchen.Even though my kitchen is not small,not enough for two teenage heads.
My dream home needs to have five kitchens one for each girl and probably one for Hamzah too as he loves to cook.If only.
Anyway, that's all for now.Been wanting to sent pics of flowers in my garden.After trying for two years to grow anything,I planted very cheap plants and watered them and when winter came, gave up.Subhunallah,after all that snow and rain my garden has come to life.
So, my next entry will be on my humble garden.

Till then.....
Salaams and requesting for daus.

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How to respond


As you all know, we as a family have been living on the net for any news regarding the situation our here.Alhumdulillah, the life is still quiet in the main parts of Damascus.So, at the moment busy with exams.Alaa is leaving school tomorrow as she is in year 9 in the Arabic school(really year 11).Anyhow, as you can image she is jumping with joy as the long year is over.Daaniah is sad as she will be going to school all alone for the last month.Daaniah says she won't miss her sis but deep,deep down I know she will.They are two peas in a pod.
Sad for me as I will have two teenage chatter boxes to deal with all day.I am making lots of dua to keep my cool and stay sane.

As for my heading"How to respond"my reason for this is the debate about the "VEIL".
All of you know I wear the veil and have been for a very long time.I started wearing long before I met my husband.Funny thing is, I put a condition on myself that if my husband to be did not accept me with the veil I would not marry him.!!!!
So, the question is, Are we, Muslim women forced by our husbands to wear the veil?Do we need the governments in our home countries to free us from our evil husbands?Do they need to be scared of us?Do we pose a threat to national security?
To all of the above,absolutely not!!!!
I have read so many negative comments regarding this issue and unfortunately most of them directed to the religion Islam.
I suppose I feel passionate about it because I know they have nothing to fear.What is there to fear?
Anyway,so how do we respond?
The question is, Do they want to hear our responses?I don't think so.
I saw a sunrise interview this morning regarding the BURKA as they called it.It was very refreshing to hear them talk.They were open minded and said they understood why we wear it (for god alone) and it is our choice.The question was put regarding the force by husbands,one of them answered, "that's an issue in itself".Alhumdulillah, they are on our side!!!
Yes it is.May Allah guide those who misrepresent our Islam.
Well, I for one, am really upset and angry on behalf of all my sisters in Islam in France.May Allah give them the strength to be strong.
It will become an issue all over the world. As Muslims watching and seeing all of these changes around us,'HOW DO WE RESPOND"
I don't know.I am making dau for strength and determination for the Muslim Ummah to stand up to our beliefs in the right way.To always ask for help from the Almighty.
We need to be practicing examples of what a good Muslim is suppose to be.People should not judge Islam by the people or the nations but on the religion itself.
May Allah, the Almighty, protect us all from harm.Guide our brothers and sisters and keep them strong in their faith all around the world.Ameen

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Be Excited

Everything we do in the life of a Muslim is knowing that we must make the effort and put our trust in Allah.So, the reasons for packing our bags is to be prepared for the good or bad that might be coming our way.
Most of the overseas families are doing the same thing.May Allah protect us.Packing bags for seven people plus cooking, cleaning,sorting and the list goes on.....
We are almost done packing. Still shopping and looking for specials!!!!
Insha-Allah ,Jamal is watching the situation over here.If school becomes disrupted we will fly out early.If not, we will fly home early June.
I am also holding back my excitement to come home with fear of change.It's the kids who are enjoying themselves and Sid nags every night to her dad and asks the same question."Did you buy the tickets yet".

So rest assure,Jamal will not forget and if he does,he has Sid to deal with !!!!!
All is the hands of Allah and all will be khair Ameen.

Requesting for duas

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