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Back to reality


Things have been a bit crazy the last two weeks.Emotions ran from been scared,excited,frustrated,really tired (from packing and cleaning) to a slight bit of disappointment.
Why the disappointment?My kids were hoping for more action regarding the protests so they had an excuse to return home faster.In my opinion, I don't think it will happen.Damascus,meaning the capital is quiet and everybody is doing their own thing.No one wants any trouble.
All the problems which are happening are on the outskirts of Syria.So, school is normal,exams are coming up again and all the kids plus parents will be busy.
The three older girls have been so busy packing , sorting and spicing up their travel bags,I think they will be lost as what to do next!!!!
Of course, for me, the work is never ending... my three smaller ones make sure of that.
I took my girls to the dentist for their braces check up and it was so strange,people were busy and families were all heading to the parks.No signs of panic or even the presidents face or flags.(seen enough in the last week).
All in all, things are good and hope it stays that way.I am still suppose to stay at home so,only going out for emergencies.
Sid needs to see the dentist.My poor baby has so much side efforts from her treatment she had.All coming out in her teeth.We anticipated this and doctors warned us about it.Alhumdulillah, it's her teeth and not something else.One can always get a new set of teeth.!!!!!

I had and Arabic exam this week.Alhumdulliah, got 93/100 which is pretty good.My teacher said we do tests more often to make us stronger.She has a point ,but my brains can only take so much.

Arabic is not an easy language to learn.I always though,if I lived among the people and spoke as much as I could it would come easily.
No such luck for me.It has been really hard work.Insha-Allah we will be rewarded for our efforts.Ameen.

Since I wrote this last entry which I thought was lost as the lights went out,Syria is again moving.Lots of rumors,so we don't know whats true.
I dont know how thing will go.kids only have one month until final exams.Sad thing is if they don't sit for the last exams they loose the whole year.Making dau we can stay till end of May.

Requesting for lots of duas.

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Staying calm


Trying to stay calm in our house means .....packing bags ,cleaning the house ,living on the net(no TV)talking to friends for news.
As far as I have seen life is normal and everyone is going about their daily jobs.Went out on Saturday to visit a friend and we had a nice lunch.Sunday.I went to do some shopping and all is well in the market place. We are all nervous just making dua for a good outcome but at the same time getting ready to move out.
So, please don't worry what you see on T.V.Most of Syria is calm.
The life we live is full of tests and this is just another.Asking Allah to keep all safe from harm Ameen.

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Safe and Well


Mum rang two days ago worried about the protesting.
All is well with us over here.We are far from the protesting and Insha-Allah if we stay at home will be out of harms way.
Today,which is Friday,they had protests in the city about 1/2 hour away.My in-laws came to visit with the kids, said it was quiet,but when my teacher came she said she was caught up in the protesting.Alhudulillah she said it was peaceful.
Just make dau for us and asking Allah to watch over us.
Honestly,I am nervous as I am thinking about the kids.The kids on the other hand are excited to be involved in all this (building memories), crazy ones.
Anyway, will keep you up to date on whats happening.

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Sewing ,Food and Snow

I don't know where to start.I have been so busy with my sewing.I officially put the machine away as I got severe pain in my right leg.I think I need time to heal.
So, we had holidays for 5 days in Syria for all the schools.Why you ask?Well,Thursday was Teachers Day WOW!!! then Friday and Saturday was holiday normally, they gave us Sunday for,I don't know and Monday 21st was Mothers day!!!
Myself and the kids love any holiday as long as their not going to school and we can get up late.
I took the kids to the library. Sat for two hours and just read.Kids had a great time. We bought 25 lirah Ice creams from Turkey which is expensive for us(50cents)and 15 lirah chips (20cents)and walked to the park near by.The sun was shining and the kids played until they couldn't anymore.
On Sunday, I had my husbands sisters over for lunch and my sister-in-law.I made finger food which they really enjoyed. Alaa and Fatimah made desserts.We had a very pleasant day and lots of food.I made something for them which I want to share with my devoted readers LOL.My reasons for sharing this recipe is simple,you will love them.It's cheap and good for your body.I have fed most of my Syrian neighbours this dish already and they all love it too.
Before I do, wanted to let you all know that it snowed for 15 minutes last week.It was awesome!!It was so exciting.Two days before, it rained cats and dogs and then it just started snowing.The amazing part was when the sun finally came up, the mountains tops were full of snow.From my kitchen window the view took my breathe away.Hope I made you feel envious!!!!

Anyway back to the recipe: LENTIL BURGERS
This recipe is easy pizzy as they say and the small kids will eat them without a doubt.


3 cups of lentils(cook in pressure cooker or normal pot until soft)
4 eggs
1 onion(finely chopped)
dry breadcrumbs for binding


shredded carrots or capsicum,cabbage if your kids like it.


Take the soft lentils and blend them in the liquidizer until smooth .Not to much
In a big mixing bowl mix the eggs and onions together with the lentils.
Add one teaspoon of pepper and salt.
Mix the bread crumbs slowly until you feel it is firm enough to make patties.
Place in the fridge for about 1/2 hour.
You can make the burgers the size of a real burger and fry then with very little oil(healthy)
or you can make them bit size balls and fry them in shallow oil on medium/high heat.

Try making them and don't tell anyone whats inside.100% they will think its meat balls or something close.
Took some pics to show you.I got the recipe from a cooking blog and we eat it every week.It's YUMMY


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New Season comes with new Inspiration

Alhumdulillah,the weather is starting to change.Spring is almost here and believe me,myself and the kids will welcome this weather with open arms.I have put the family on mazzot (Kerosene) rations for the heater.They think I am so cruel (which I probably am)but have no choice I need to stretch out the last mazzot that we have which is 10% in the tank until winter is finally over.So, kids need to dress like Eskimos (they hate that) and make more exercise to keep warm!!!
The sun comes and goes and my darling three small ones go and sunbake in the garden(towels and all),when the sun hides they come inside. They make a big mess and they still haven't fully learnt how to clean up behind themselves.Well, that part of my life will never end.

As the warmth of the sun has made us feel more active so has my brain.I started sewing again and it feels great.Thanking my husband for carrying my sewing machine for me all the way from down under.
A friend asked me to help her sew some things and I haven't stopped sewing.Found great blogs were women recycle their clothing to make new things for their kids.So, I have attacked my cupboard and anything I haven't worn is going to my two girls(Khadijah and Sid).
They are very happy all the clothing is going to them!!!!
My house is a mess and my brains are working while I am a sleep(annoying) but it feels great.Fatimah has been sewing a few thing herself Masha-Allah she is a natural.
I would like to up load pics but have no time.
Kids will start exams on Sunday so, my next entry will be when they are finished.
Make dau exams go well.Insha-Allah the year is coming to and end.Two major exams left and then three months holiday, Hurray!!!!

Small reminder:I went to the masjid with my girls as usual.The teacher was talking about the history of the prophet.She spoke about upholding the sunnah of Salaah and reminded my girls about its importance. Subhunallah,I have been reminding them for so long and it took their teachers words of wisdom to start practicing.
Anyway, we came home and read the hadith regarding the 12 rakaats of sunnah that we should pray besides our Fard.
What is the reward?A house in Jannah.
I told my kids I am not sharing mine and everybody needs to build their own.Masha-Allah, when they forget I ask then who wants their house and they pray.Each night at Isha I praise them for achieving this Sunnah.
Insha-Allah try to pray the 5 daily prays in the house as a group and include the sunnah.
May Allah protect our homes,our deen and our children Ameen.

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