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Rain,Rain and no sunshine

Not much exciting news to write as we have been at home for the last week.Allah has blessed Syria with rain and Masha-Allah its raining cats and dogs.
Poor kids had to brave the cold each morning.Alhumdulillah no major illnesses have come out of this weather.
Today is Sids report day.She was so excited to go to school as they had a dress up day.She was a fairy(sort of). Will send pic of her.
I have removed the password as advised.That was the reason for not receiving your comments.

Insha-Allah hoping it works.

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Sickness and Health


Since my last entry was nearly two months ago I would have though someone would send out a search party to try and find me!!Unfortunately, no one did.So, I don't think anyone missed my blogs that much but nevertheless I feel obligated to keep any awaiting fans fully informed about of lives over here.

The heading says it all.I was very sick with a nasty flu which I though would never end and stay sick for the rest of my life!!I believe its a sign of old age when it takes that long for a person to recover(Very sad at that thought).
Alhumdulillah, I was moving around and eating after two weeks.My poor kids did a great job looking after me.Fatimah stepped up to her role and become the mum of the house.
Subhunallah,I just got back on my feet and it was mid term exams so the house was busy and messy from all the studying, books,papers and pens all over the lounge room floor.Exam time is crazy over here as everyone feels the pressure and having all 5 kids needing my help made me sick again.
We had ten days holiday after exams so we made the best out of it.Went out nearly everyday.Kids had a sleepover with some girlfriends.Hamzah slept at his cousins house so the kids really enjoyed themselves.(building memories)
Visited most of Jamal's family and ate some great food (part of the plan not to cook).
All in all the kids felt rested and so did I.So, now we are full on again in our studies and working hard as always!!!
The school year is nearly over,just 4 months to go and we are counting each day.

I am making lots of dau that everybody is in good health and spirits.Haven't heard from anyone in a long time but I know you are all so busy.
Make dau for us always.

Till next time.

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Big blessing

Alhumdulillah, the snow fell to everyone's surprise and finished just as quick.We have just finished four days without power due to the snow.
What a test!!!Six kids and no lights,one can just imagine the fun we were having.
Subhunallah, What lessons does one take from having no light and its freezing cold?
Patience,patience,patience and to appreciate electricity.
I don't think we ponder enough about this big blessing that Allah has given us.Nearly ever thing we use in our houses run on power.Did we ever think that if there wasn't any power what would we do and what are the alternatives?
So,I was thinking about this when the light were gone as I had plenty of thinking time on my hands.... Definitely need a back up plan.Something that does not rely on power.
Syrians use kerosene a lot I suppose its a bit backward but it saved the day!!!.Our heater runs on kerosene and power for the fan so, when the power failed the kerosene came to the rescue.Even the hot water system that I don't like so much kept the water warm.Don't even mention the phone.I had to use my mobile(glad I had one) as the phone we have uses power.Well, need to get a line phone!!!
Alhumdulillah, power is back and life goes on.Kids are still praying for more snow.It rained on Saturday after the masjids prayed for rain but I think the country still needs more.
Keep us all in your daus.


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It's Snowing


''Today was the best day ever" said Sidrah as she waited for her bus by the window all dressed up like an Eskimo.She held her hands up while making dau for it to snow very hard so she didn't have to go to school.(for six days)
Alhumdulillah, her duas were excepted and I think all the kids made the same dua.
Alaa and Daaniah went to school at 6:20am,it was raining very heavy but nothing unusual.I got Khadijah and Hamzah ready at 7:30am it was still raining but not to bad.I told them they needed to go to school.Subhunallah, as they walked out the door the rain turned to snow.As you can imagine the screaming begun.Poor kids, for the next 1/2 hour I was unsure what to do.In the end the kids braved the weather and walked to school only to return as school had been canceled.
Well,as Sid said, best day ever.Kids got ready to play and after an hour the snow had piled up enough to have some fun.
I sent the kids to the shop to get some supplies and they stayed outside for the next hour.Fatimah got some great shots.
I felt so happy seeming my kids really enjoying themselves and just having fun.The older girls returned home from school early too.So, six crazy kids playing in the heavy snow all by themselves.Can't get better than that.
I stayed in the warm house waiting for the kids to come in and dry them up.Sid came in crying as her hands and feet were frozen.I think she thought they would fall off as she was crying so much.
Check out the pics as they speak for themselves.

Subhanallah, for three days prior to the snow fall the Syrian people fasted and on Friday they prayed Salaah for rain even the president.
Allah had accepted someones prayers as it is raining and snowing very heavy more then the country would get in a whole year.It was announced in the news that without rain the water would run out. Subhunallah, Alhumdulillah and all praise is to Allah.


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What's New

I don't know!!!
After Eid the kids went straight back to study mode and to top it all Khadijah and Hamzah came back with another exam schedule.

Today is the first day of exams and I woke up late.Had to send them with the taxi. I have a big pimple in my eye soo you can image I am not having the best day.
In Syria, they have exams for the primary student once a month.It 's a very good system if you know what your doing!!!!
As for me,I am struggling.What can I say to myself?? Be patient and things will get better.
Alhumdullilah, it has gotten better,but we are still crawling through Arabic.I pray for the day when we can run.Ameen.
Days are getting colder and using the heater more.Today we have no sun,very gloomy.We are officially in winter. The climate has changed so much as winter is very late this year.Allah have mercy on us.
Masha Allah ,I can actually discuss issues about the environment to my family because I studied the Arabic words from my kids science books by force during exam time.LOL
Well, requesting for daus.May Allah give us patience during exam time.Major exams for the first semester if coming up in two weeks so not much time to celebrate.
Planning to take the kids Ice-Skating after this exams.Will fill you in if we go.

I forgot to answer Ayesha question.What is a Pinata?
Well, they are called Pinata or pinanta or pinyata,depending on the country you are in.As we Google a lot for info I used the first word I found but in Australia we say Pinyatas.
Hope you enjoyed the language lesson !!!!

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