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Sorry for late Eid Mubaarak.Allah tested us greatly before Eid and we were all busy having patience.(I think)
Alhumdulillah after ever hardship there is ease.Eid was a very good time for us to feel happy and put any worries behind us.Talking to the family and husband helped us so much.Alhumdulillah
So, I think it is safe to say we are all in good health and spirit and making dua all of my devoted readers, LOL are too.
For Eid this year, We had a party for some foreign families.Most of them from America and one from Germany.May Allah be pleased with all of their sacrifices they make in seeking his pleasure. When you hear from them their stories we are babies compared to them.Alhumdulillah, we take from them courage and determination to keep on going.Ameen
Well, we had lots of food and junk.Had so much fun preparing for it.Reminded me of the fun I had doing this back home.
Fatimah made Pinatas for the kids and it was a hit.Hamzah had the most fun as for the first time I had more boys then girls.Hamzah was the host as they stayed in the garden.It was great.I think the boys all enjoyed messing my garden.(not me).
Alaa tempted to make cupcake this time.Not as yummy and eye catching like my sister Hajiera but I think it was pretty good.The guests loved the cakes and sang her praises so she was happy with herself.
All in all it was a great day and Inshallah I hope to do it again.Ameen

Check out the pics,kids took them in all the fuss.Sorry the girls pinatas were videos.




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Exams in full Swing

Going a bit crazy

Just a quick entry as I am soooo busy studying and teaching my poor kids in the hope they will pass their exams under the guidance of their very well educated mother in the Arabic language!!!!!
I feel like all my kids are studying in University with the amount of work they have to do and MEMORISE.
With all that in mind,they do very well in exams and handle the study load with great enthusiasm.As for me,not so much.I start of really confident and by the end of the day I have lost it.
So, as you can read I will be busy for at least a week and at the same time I will be cleaning the house for Eid and preparing for winter.

Please make dua for Fatimah,she will be sitting for her final exams for the year on the 11th of this month.I will be her supervisor this year.Alhumdulillah the school agreed.(less travelling and stress for both of us).Just in case you dont know, Fatimah is doing part of her year 12 this year and next year she will sit for her WACE Insha Allah.(hopefully in Australia).Make lots dua Allah opens the doors fo us.Ameen

Take care all my devoted readers.Don't miss me to much.LOL

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Crazy heating system/Gas bottle

Alhumdulillah we had a productive weekend as always. Friday is sleeping in day until around 10am and then I need to turn on the hot water for everyone to take a shower.Our whole day is showering,watching the tank so that the flame doesn't go out in the heating system and cleaning.(What a day!!!!)

Honestly,I don't like turning on the water at all.It makes me so nervous every time I do it.
If there was a department that dealt with safety issues in Syrian homes, people would be in biiiig trouble LOL.
Sending some pics of the heating system so you can get an idea.

Don't get me wrong, I love Syria, but I don't like the heating system or changing the gas bottles for cooking.

So, first,I need to fill the tank up with (MAZOOT)which is Diesel(I don't even know how to spell it).
Then, I have to light the fire.I let some of the (MAZOOT) run inside the big tank,throw a lit tissue inside to start it up.
So far its o.k.The problem starts when it decides for no reason at all(without warning) to blow out smoke or make a big banging noise which freaks me out.
I have to tell you,no words can explain how my heart feels every time I do this.I think of the family all the time (nearly every Friday).You guys would think I'm crazy.
Most funny thing of all,we have electrical heating as well but we hardly use it as it's very expensive.The first year we did but when the bill came back, I said never again.The saying goes"Live like the Romans do"We don't have much of a choice.Good life experience (as my husband says)
Well, so far nothing major has happened to me,just a weak heart each time I turn it on LOL.
Even when Jamal is here I do it as I don't want to rely on him.He laughs at me and says I'm been tough but I have to.When he stays with us forever,Insha Allah I will definitely pass on both jobs.
Changing the gas bottle is a drama too.I have to do it or no cooking (Sounds good). It has become part of my life.I get scared each time I change it as bad thought always fill my mind but in the end if I don't do it who will?besides I need to eat!!
Oh! One great thing about the Heating System that I forgot to mention, when it heats up, the bathroom turns into a Suana,great for the skin.THAT'S ABOUT IT!!!

heating system tank

heating system tank

tap for with deisil and small tank

tap for with deisil and small tank

have to throw the tissue inside to start the fire WOW!

have to throw the tissue inside to start the fire WOW!

Till next time

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Where is everybody?

Well,what should I write?
Maybe I should mention the lack of comments in my blog.Feeling bit disappointed or should I say annoyed!!!.
I thought with the high tech communication system which has entered our house I would hear more from family and friends.
Suppose not.Never mind I will keep on MOVING FORWARD as they say hoping things will change.
I get the feeling I have to much time on my hands.I don't know,you tell me!!!!
O.K, enough of the subtle complaining.Things have been full on over here with school and Arabic classes.

Hamzah and Khadijah have changed their schedules.They are going one week to school in the afternoons from 12:30pm to 5:00pm.The next week from 7:00am to 12:30pm.It has changed things around the house.Making dua for the best.
I have connected to skype,maybe this will be more convenient for everybody else(or maybe not).
I spoke to Qudsiyyah in America last night after a very long time.She is doing fine and gives salaams to all.
All in all, we are all fine and making dua everybody else is too.
Take care

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Winter is setting in

Turn on the heater Sid's new Arabic words

Masha-Allah, summer is finally over and winter creeping in its place.
One day your sweating from the heat,next day its so cold and your running around to find a jumper.
Spent the weekend changing the kids wardrobes from summer to winter clothing(so much work).
It is raining today and cold.Well,I love the cold weather and hoping it will snow this year.Over here we pick up the carpets and hide the heaters away for the summer,so now its time to bring them back out.
Will send some pics when I have changed the house around.

Oh! need to show you guys how we warm our water.You would freak out.I do every time I have to use it.I will take some photos and send it in my next blog.

Well, school is in full swing and starting to scare me.Lots of work and that means a lot of brain power.
Yes Ayesha, come and visit for a while.Good time is in the school holidays that's coming up!!!! You will definitely benefit if your thinking about your Arabic.
A tutor can come to the home or there is classes for overseas students.(short courses)
Making dua for this day to come. Ameen
Have to run,teacher coming today for Arabic (lots of thinking to do)

Sending pic of Sid's new Arabic words.In this pic she is demonstrating how to take the Arabic word apart.to_Baba.bmp

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