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Well,mum asked for quraans from Syria and to send it with one of Jamals relatives.
When I rang the family they said they were leaving today.Not so good!! they live around 1 hour away and I cannot go there by myself.So, I called my Husbands family for help.Alhumdullilah,found my sister-in-law.Her sister lives in the same building and related to this family(Imaan Obieds).So, the transport was solved.
I took another sister-in-law with me to show me were the book shop was.Masha-Allah the shop deals with quraans only.
Glad I didn't bring a lot of money(would have spent it all)LOL.
I hope I sent the right quraans.They only had one size.I would have liked bigger font (thinking of mum).
I sent a sample quraan so you all could see it.It is Juz 30 with coloured coded Tajweed rules.Very good for those trying to learn to read.Thinking about the madressah. Anyway, if you like it let me know. Not expensive and I think would be a good learning tool for any family.

I met Imaan's mum. Imaan wasn't there(out enjoying her last night). So strange to see a familiar face. The funny thing was, I knew she could speak English but I spoke most of the time in Arabic. She was so surprised. I think I surprised myself. When we just came, if I knew someone spoke English, wouldn't dare try to speak in Arabic. Now, I am proud to speak in my broken Arabic LOL.

We shall strive to learn the Arabic language for the sake of Allah.I feel proud to be able to finally speak Classical Arabic with all my grammar in place.(most of the time) So, much more to learn with such little time.It has taken me a really long time to accept that I needed not to be shy to learn.I can finally speak to my husband(who is Arab)and not feel shy of him.Subhunallah, that was a very big hurdle I over came.(took me long enough)
Asking for your daus and support.

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All is well with Sid


Masha Allah, very nice to see a comment from my sister-in-law.Hope to see many more.Ameen
I took Sid for her 6 month check up with the help of my brother-in-law. Alhumdulillah he was a big help. All her results were good.Always keep her in your duas.
Subhunallah,the medical system over here is so different from home.I think the hardest thing to deal with in a country like this is illness.
It is costly here as they don't have Medicare. So, its all cash and not cheap.I really feel sad for those who need to borrow money to pay for medical.
Not knowing the language,finding a doctor you trust and then, trying to explain to them whats happening to you.I have not been to the doctors so far.I had times were I really needed to see a doc but I never went from fear of them not understanding.Alhumdulillah, for the net.I use it alot for medical problems.Dont say it! not so reliable.Well, so far Allah has been merciful to me and the kids.
Just finished with Sid and I need to take Hamzah to the doc.He woke up with a swollen eye. Wish Jamal was here!!! He is so cool when it comes to this kind of stuff.I panic real quick.

Always make dua for us,for everything.Insha Allah, when I come to visit I will definitely do a full check up!!!!!
Oh! you must be thinking if they have doctors who speak English.I suppose they do but I haven't found one yet.When Sid was in Hospital there were a few but didn't really understand me that well.I think we talk alien English LOL.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As there are three sides to every story(your side, my side,the truth),and so there are also three sides to a country,the good, the bad, the ugly.Will try to be as unbiased as possible.Just keep in mind I'm 17, and comparing everything to home.


Mums been writing all the past blog entries so I thought I'd steal the lime light for a bit, and give you all a glimpse of Syria from my perspective.

I'm just going to go get some more popcorn. Be back in a sec......

OK. I shall start from the beginning. Our arrival.

Upon entering the Syrian airport, I was shocked. Compared to the air ports in Perth,Bangkok,and Dubai, Syria's one was scary. They had soldiers standing around with guns slung over their shoulders. It was all grimy, and dirty. The service was pretty bad. We actually bribed our way through the line, and I lost my suitcase. It took over a month for it to get to me, and it literally went from Dubai(departure country) to Syria, then back to Dubai and to Syria again.

Well almost two years later we took Qudsiyya to the airport and the Ministry of tourism (I believe) had renovated the departure and arrival lounge. The departure lounge now has shiny new tiles, a cafe, and a digital notice board. The arrival lounge, changed dramatically, not counting the lack of any sort of restroom, it is a lot more organized, cleaner, and has plenty of benches (which Bangkok and Dubai airports lacked).

The road to the airport had been newly done up so the trip was smooth.... until we reached the city. I happen to be very sensitive to roads and the drivers on them, I get carsick very easily. If you want to know whether your a good driver or not, put me in your car and hit the gas. There are two types of roads here, the one that is and the one that isn't. There are bumpy roads and not so bumpy roads, steep roads and sloping/flat roads, holed roads and smooth roads, no two roads are the same. Khadijah happens to enjoy the ever changing textures of the roads, as well as its effect on the vehicle we happen to be sitting in.

Mum told you guys about the slow progress of automobiles here. Alhamdulillah it happened. I enjoy bus rides a lot more than the Micro-buses. Its probably because the bus is larger and shock waves have minimal affect on the bus. If you watch a bus go down hill, it is a hilarious sight. The bus, instead of the entire back end of the bus jumping, just the body bounces. Sort of like a see-saw. Much easier on the head.

Speaking of sights, Syria has a large range of quality and low quality.... to be continued.

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Sidrahs first Arabic words

Masha Allah

Alhumdullilah for the weekend.LOL
I was so tired this week.I went to bed straight after Isha (8:00pm) Left the kids in Fatimah's trusted hands LOL, hoping for a good nights sleep.Alhumdulillah woke up for Fajr refreshed and much stronger.
We have Friday and Saturday holiday so,Hamzah has gone to Friday prayer with the neighbours husband and myself and the girls were trying to do some Arabic homework.I gave up and as you can read,taking a break.Wow! the homework is hard.
I put Sid on paint to write a letter to her dad with her first Arabic words.She never studied at home since she was sick.So, she has been two weeks to school and Masha Allah she has learnt so much.
Please make dua she stays healthy and enjoys her school years.
Need to run.Teacher coming and haven't finished my homework.
Masha Allah,so pleased to see all my sisters comments. Insha Allah far yet so near



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I thought I would share with you how we get around in Syria.
Took the kids to collect their school books from my sister-in-laws house. While sitting on the bus as always,I was watching how excited my three little ones were.Why? they love the way the bus jumps up and down.Why does the bus jump up and down?The roads are super smooth(not) and we sit right at the back were the wheels are.(Never anywhere else)so you can image the feeling of this ride.My kids not only the small ones,LOL think it so cool.
The Sryian government has introduced new buses onto the roads this year.Alhumdulillah much more spacious then the vans.The down fall, it takes longer to get to your destination with the bus.Well, comfort in my book is more important than time.LOL

What does a bus ride cost us to the city from my house? 10 Lirah. We live Half an hour away!!!!
How much is that in Australian money? 5 cents no joke
If you take the van it's 15 lirah.

Attaching some pics of the transport system.Also a pic of the main transit in the city.All the buses and vans meet there.







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