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Berjayah Towers

Getting old

Well! when do you now your hitting the age to stop trying to keep up with your kids?I think I have found that time.We went to the indoor amusement park in Berjayah towers.
We took the train which took us around 20min(love the train) and walked straight into the shopping mall.It has 7 levels,two of which are just for the park.
Cost to enter the park was very good as you can ride until 10pm which we did...last people to leave of cause.

Anyway,I couldn't keep up with my kids.Jamal went on everything over and over again.Don't know how he did it.
Kids had a great time and really got their monies worth. I went on rides just to show my kids I was not scared but I was shaking inside.

Had a crazy day.Realized one thing that I am not as daring or crazy as I believe.Need to slow down....

We stopped at Bakery Delight on our way out.Awesome bread and cakes.A must eat if you ever come.

The great thing about this place is its undercover and super cool.Go in early and come out late.

Will upload some pics soon.

Till my next outing and finding time to write(kids always doing school)

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Little India

We are living in a very central area of KL.The train station is across the road.We have a very big shopping mall.I think it's designed for tourists as the prices are like Australia or more.Well, the designer bags are cheap and I found scarfs for the girls for $3 each .

We went to Little India on Sunday.How was it?The name says it all.We had a very nice lunch.It's cheaper to eat out then make your own food.
Found a cheap grocery shop to stock up for the week.

Lots of Indians in Little India and prices to match.Subhanallah how you find a culture within and culture.Their food, clothing,even gold.
Kids went to China town during the week a well.Didn't really find much.

The highlight of our journey this week has been the trains.They are fast and cool.Air-con system in trains are very cooling in Malaysia.
Walking in Little India and stopping at every shop that had air-con to cool down.

Hopefully we will melt some weight off.

Till next time

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Best Farewell Ever

May Allah reward all those who left a very warm spot in my heart.Ameen

My last week in Australia was probably the best.I saw all my sisters in Islam whom I truly love for the sake of Allah all in one go.
Coming back from Syria I realized how busy everybody was in Australia.Life moves on without you.People are always making themselves busy.Well,not long after I fell in the same pattern of been busy with the kids, school, Quraan and just family life. In the last week I saw everyone and felt so fortunate to have such good friends.My own family is so big and wonderful I have no words to describe the value I hold for them.May Allah allow us to all meet in a much better place Ameen.

O.k! Things went well at the airport,We were the last ones to board the plane.Nearly missed the flight.The funny thing was,they announced"The Al-Masri family needs to board now as we have located your luggage to take off the plane" The way we ran...just use your imagination.

The plane was empty so we had great seats and just stretched out.Alhumdulillah for that.Our hotel was exactly what they advertised.
It was clean and comfy.We have three ladies that clean the house each day.I could really get use to this.We started studying straight away so having someone make your bed,clean the bathroom ,kitchen,sweep the floor and mop everyday.WOW!!!
Today they came and changed all the bedding.

For me, all the above, this is a mercy from Allah.We have many tests ahead of us. Allah knows how much we can handle.

Anyway,Make dua for us.Will keep you all posted on whats happening this side.

Australian weather is the best!!!!!!

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Catching up!!


I cannot believe we have been home for a month already and have not found the time to write.We have all been busy trying to settle in.The only time I have a good break is when we watch Master Chef LOL.
Well, now that our house is feeling homely again and we have found a routine with the kids schooling I am hoping to find time to fill all my followers about the wonderful time we had in Malaysia.

Over the weekend my family came and I had a great bonding session.For me it was much needed,don't know about anyone else.....
Met a few old friends which was great.Subhunallah, everybody has been busy.Have to say my life in Syria sounds much more exciting then anyone's life over here.Lol. I don't think it was but its funny when you talk about life been away you only really
tell the good stuff and the fun things never anything negative so, people leave you thinking Wow! she must have had great time.
I suppose that's what motivates people to move or rethink what they are doing.
My kids are enjoying the outdoors and the big house.We have a park near the house so the kids go there after school.Have to say its been smiles all the time.

So,am I missing Syria?yes,yes ,yes.I miss the things I did,the kids going to school, the routine and my classes in the Masjid. Over there you hear people and see people all the time.As I live on a farm like land,a bit far from the people,just hear the cars which is really annoying me.Well, this is home and hubby is here and its very nice to have the family structure I was missing for so long.I feel really good been around my family.I took one thing good from the Arab people,they love been close to their sisters,brothers and mostly their parents,something I neglected before I left.Insha Allah I need to fix this one so I leave feeling full of love and have great memories.
Well, better go and start building those,going shopping with the kids,sister and niece.Sounds like a good start.

Tell next time.....

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Home at last Alhumdulillah !!!!

I thank the Almighty for allowing us to arrive safe and be reunited with all my family.Our journey home was full of adventure and fun.We spend 5 hours in Dubai airport which sounds long but was a lot of fun.Met my husband in Malaysia.Alhumdulillah.Crazy weather in that country but we had a great time.Our flat had a big swimming pool so kids enjoyed themselves.We spent 7days and ate lots of food.
Our next stop was Singapore.Spent 7 hours in the airport.Found a tour bus which takes you for free out side in an air con bus for two hours.I have to say it was very interesting.The country is very clean and beautiful but the weather,not so nice.I still think Perth weather is the best.
Well, all in all we had a great time.People were so friendly and smiley.Syrians lack in that department...
We are enjoying been back.Lots of things to get use to.My house was super clean LOL so I decided to clean it again!!!!!
Waiting to meet all my old friends.
I will send pics of our holiday once we are settled.Oh! missing Syria heaps!!!!

Till next time.....

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